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"I am so impressed with your crew of men, they are very meticulous and careful with their work. I'm so glad I found your business!".

Paulette C. Homeowner

"If your looking for a great painter, look no further than Nsoli Residential Painters. After meeting with three other contractors, it didn't take me long to pick this company. John gave me his best price up front and his team of painters were extremly proffessional. Kezani is a straight-up guy. No hidden cost and high quality!"

Lloyd M. Homeowner

"Nsoli Residential Painters just finished every room in my home with bright paints, Hi Gloss molding and funky strips. They are fabulous! They showed up everyday on time, never left without cleaning up for the day and worked like true pros. We spent a week together...and we'll miss them! The price was competitive and I'm glad we chose Nsoli Residential Painters in Huntington Beach for our project."

Jeannie M. Homeowner

A bit about our team...

Nsoli Residential Painters paints home walls as per your imagination and does the job extremely well. Choose best shades to paint the interior walls.

Meet the team...

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