Residential Painting

Your house is not just a place where you can store your values or take rest every day. But, it should serve as an instrument to express your own personality. The way you choose to decorate your home is the most suitable chance to show your creativeness to the world. The ideal color scheme will make your home look more beautiful and will make its ambience very harmonious.

Our Services

Nsoli Residential Painters offer a plethora of quality painting packages that are budget friendly. Choose any paint package basing on your needs and choices. We can paint your home in the most professional manner and add a wow factor. When paint preparation and the painting task can be dirty, we help you out to paint the spaces in the most hassle free manner. We have the talent to monitor the weather to schedule your paint in a way that things move on smoothly. It is great to learn that we buy paint supplies in huge quantities to save large amount of money and thus pass on the discounts to you. We stand behind the professionally applied packages for painting.

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Your home

Whether you prefer to fill your house with bright shades or you think that a more neutral and soothing atmosphere will be better, Modern Solutions is here to support you in every step of the way. By hiring us and entrusting all your painting requisites to us, we promise that we can offer you a service that will make you 100% satisfied. We are proud to say that we can provide you excellent residential painting services at a minimal cost. We also provide guidance and pieces of advice to make sure that we meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Most homeowners are very eager to engage themselves when it comes to the design stage of home interior decorating. They usually spend hours in choosing the right shades as well as color combination to make the walls adorable and presentable. The problem here is the need to have practical experience & know-how to understand our vision. This is where the assistance and supervision of a professional and reliable residential painting service will come in.